Chinese mallet vase Imperial yellow with Green dragons v2 what pdx $295.00
Chinese Natural Hetian Jade Carving, Seal Stone. Coins and Antiques Gallery $750.00
Chinese lidded enamel decorated urn with butterflies what pdx $195.00
Antique Chinese Tang style Ewer in Longquan glaze what pdx $795.00
Antique Chinese enamel decorated porcelain lidded dish what pdx $595.00
Framed Woodblock Print by Yoshitoshi Mori Zentner Collection $1,500.00
Vintage Framed Screen Print by Yoshio Sekine Zentner Collection $550.00
Japanese Framed Print by Haku Maki Zentner Collection $600.00
china old zitan ornament frog The Tretiak Collection 10,000.00 rnb
Japanese Vintage Textile Boro Futonji with Indigo Many Patches GALLERY TSUMUGI $350.00
A White Mouse / Zhu Zhanji (1399-1435) Ming Emperor Xuande ART CHINA LEGACY $1,500.00
Two Cats on Rock / Xu Beihong (1895-1953) ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
china black jade frog toggle The Tretiak Collection 30,000.00 rmb
A Massive Zhou Dynasty Bronze Jue Wine Vessel with Archaic Motifs ART CHINA LEGACY $800.00
A Rare Zhou Dynasty Bronze Zun with Archaic Motifs/Dragon-Handles ART CHINA LEGACY $1,000.00