china jade plaque old The Tretiak Collection 20,000.00 rmb
Vintage Native American Chimayo Rug Ancient East $260.00
Japanese Vintage Textile Meisen Kimono Geometric GALLERY TSUMUGI $80.00
Japanese Vintage Textile Meisen Haori Woods GALLERY TSUMUGI $80.00
china old agate bead The Tretiak Collection 9000.00 rnb
Japanese Enamel tray Bamboo design Antiquarian Art Co. $150.00
Chinese Wooden Grain measuring Bucket Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $65.00
china huge desk ornament buddhit themn The Tretiak Collection Pending
Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Lidded Jar. Coins and Antiques Gallery $645.00
AKIHIRO, Japanese Polychrome Netsuke: Jurojin Forestangel Asian Antiques $475.00
HODO, Contemporary Japanese Netsuke Set, Kiyohime Forestangel Asian Antiques $875.00
Kiyoshi Saito - Japanese Woodblock Print "Awaji Doll". Galerie Hafner $350.00
/ shipping included
Sepik River wooden rafter hook Mark Mlodoch World Art $600.00
Sepik River 'birdman' figure. Mark Mlodoch World Art $250.00
Solomon Islands Frigate Bird bowl Mark Mlodoch World Art $600.00
Wooden sculpture, sambaso dancer, Japan, Meiji/Taisho Welcome To Another Century Inquire
china old belt hook jade bi qing The Tretiak Collection 25,000.00 rmb