china old flower stand hua ji late qing The Tretiak Collection 30,000.00 rmb
china old man statue The Tretiak Collection 8000.00 rmb
A Beautiful Vintage Chinese Red Carnelian Bangle Asian Art Online $250.00
china The Tretiak Collection
A Hornbill Bead Bracelet Tushita Antiques & Fine Arts Gallery $15,000.00
Salt glazed Men-tori Tsubo by Seto Hiroshi Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
Antique Indian Tinned Bronze tall cup with etched Palace designs what pdx $75.00
Rare Javanese Mask, Early 20th C. AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €950.00
Qing Dynasty White Cloisonne plate with Symbol what pdx $325.00
china teapots for two wood 1 large and 1 small frog The Tretiak Collection 2800.00 rmb
Chinese Carved Hardstone Pendant, Coins and Antiques Gallery $275.00
Ishiwata Koitsu Japanese Woodblock Print - Twilight at Imamiya, Choshi Era Woodblock Prints $585.00
Navajo Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring Alan Kessler Gallery On Request
Beautiful Hanakago, bamboo ikebana basket for flower arrangement Dragon's Pearl $1,150.00
A vintage Hmong textile cushion cover Galerie Ariana $300.00
Tohono O'odham / Papago coiled lidded basket Mark Mlodoch World Art $150.00
Chinese Silk Painting Asia of Old $995.00