china old vase stand The Tretiak Collection 5000.00 rmb
Chinese Porcelain Laughing Buddha/Budai Statue Zentner Collection $650.00
Chinese Porcelain Smiling Buddha/Budai Statue Zentner Collection $300.00
Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vase Depicting Immortals Zentner Collection $7,000.00
An attractive tea tray (habon) for use in tea ceremony Dragon's Pearl $700.00
African Kalahari Bushmen young girls Asian Ethnic Artifacts $145.00
Japanese Cherry Wood Veneer large serving Tray Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $150.00
china New rhino Yixing The Tretiak Collection 18000.00 rmb
song bowls sung The Tretiak Collection 15000.00 rmb
china old root statue graceful bird The Tretiak Collection 35000.00 rmb
Yellow Porcelain Bowl With Incised Dragon Zentner Collection $750.00
Chinese Yellow Glazed Porcelain Vase With Butterflies Zentner Collection $450.00
china old wood stand The Tretiak Collection 9000.00 rmb
Tribal Pipe Bhadrakalpa € 120.00
Tribal Pipe Bhadrakalpa € 150.00
Tribal Pipe Bhadrakalpa € 80.00
Baitong Chinese Pipe Bhadrakalpa € 180.00