china old clay brushpot 1930s tangshan The Tretiak Collection 5000.00 rmb
Chinese Painting of Small Birds and Flowering Vines Zentner Collection $150.00
A Labijar kilim from northern Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $450.00
Old Chinese Boxwood Carving Statue of Su Dongpo. Galerie Hafner $320.00
shipping included
An Afghan kilim from Labijar Galerie Ariana $400.00
A kilim from northern Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $600.00
A kilim from northern Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $600.00
Chokosai Woodblock Print - Beauty Fixing Hair Era Woodblock Prints $49.50
Hiroshige Japanese Woodblock Print - Ferry Boat Era Woodblock Prints $45.00
Japanese Woodblock Print - Shinobazu Pond - After Kasamatsu Shiro Era Woodblock Prints $58.50
Yamamoto Japanese Woodblock Print - Mt. Fuji and Snowy Cottage Era Woodblock Prints $49.50
china old bronze gild buddha satue 19 th The Tretiak Collection B4000.00
china bronze gong da lio The Tretiak Collection 9000.00 RMB
Yamamoto Japanese Woodblock Print - Irises in Rain Era Woodblock Prints $58.50
A Baluchi saddle bag, mid 20th century Galerie Ariana $450.00
china tibetdaggers pewter 13 is not lucky rare The Tretiak Collection 28,000.00 rmb
china square brushpot with stone inolays The Tretiak Collection 9,999.00 rmb
Chinese Shoushon Stone Soapstone Vase with 5 Birds, Flowers June Hastings $375.00
Old Chinese Boxwood Carving Statue of Lu Dongbin. Galerie Hafner $320.00
shipping included
Chinese Shiwan Mudman Immortal Riding Foo Lion Dog June Hastings $2,400.00
An Afghan Kuchi embroidered cushion Galerie Ariana $300.00
A vintage Hazara puttee in silk thread Galerie Ariana $135.00
Old Chinese Boxwood Carving Statue of Li Bai, c. 1950. Galerie Hafner $450.00
shipping included
bronze Tibetan pendant long Qing The Tretiak Collection 8000.00 rmb
china Old wood statue snall The Tretiak Collection 3500.00 rmb
Chinese Leather Document Chest Ancient East $460.00
china old ivory plaqueor inkstone The Tretiak Collection 20,000.00 rnb
china old toggle metal The Tretiak Collection 9000.00 rnb
china qing ceramic plate The Tretiak Collection 20,000.00 rmb
Large Chinese Shoushan Stone Seal; Dragon Turtle. Coins and Antiques Gallery On Hold
Chinese Hand Carved Ox Horn Bowl; Dragon. Coins and Antiques Gallery $475.00
Chinese Blanc De Chine Quan Yin Zentner Collection $450.00