Chinese Jade Carving of Pixiu Holding a Coin Zentner Collection $1,500.00
Kawase Hasui Japanese Woodblock Print - Kenchoji Era Woodblock Prints $160.00
Kawase Hasui Japanese Woodblock Print - Pagoda Snow Era Woodblock Prints $140.00
An Ebony Brush Holder ESL Collection $650.00
Chinese Shiwan Pottery Figure, Republic Period ESL Collection On Request
an extremely rare baguirmi doll galerie Cecile Kerner P.O.R.
china yixing teapot republican The Tretiak Collection 12,000.00 rmb
MI'KMAQ BEADWORK FLORAL WALL HANGING c1920 Antiques and Decor by Fiona $85.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Lantern C. 1950 Kodo Arts $750.00
china qing stationery box chicken wing 19th The Tretiak Collection Pending
Japanese Vintage Meisen Kimono Red & Orange GALLERY TSUMUGI $70.00
Vintage Oribe Tetsuki Dish for Confectionary Zentner Collection $1,500.00
Japanese Gourd Flower Container Hisago Hanaire Zentner Collection $275.00
Antique Japanese Kura Treasure House Bronze Doors Kodo Arts $1,000.00
Superb Chinese Enameled Porcelain Vase Coins and Antiques Gallery $1,575.00