Silvered Copper Hand Hammered Washing Ablutions Basin Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $115.00
Early 20th C. Chinese Jadeite & 14K Gold Earrings Asian Art Online $1,350.00
An Uzbek embroidery from northern Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $300.00
china qing toggle frog The Tretiak Collection not for sale
A Beautiful Tibetan Old Silver Gau Prayer Box Pendant Asian Art Online $1,950.00
china Old jade pieces qing The Tretiak Collection 20,000.00 rmb
Globular Straight Neck Enamel Decorated Yixing Teapot St. Johns Art and Antiques On Request
china mid qing hetian jade water cup brush washer The Tretiak Collection 18000.00 rmb
Japanese Carved Wood Netsuke, Coins and Antiques Gallery $249.00
Japanese Carved wood Netsuke, Coins and Antiques Gallery $149.00
Japanese Carved Boxwood figure, Coins and Antiques Gallery $189.00
Vintage JAPANESE IKEBANA BAMBOO BASKET Antiques and Decor by Fiona $110.00
Early 20th C. Chinese Silver Amber Pendant Marked Asian Art Online Pending
china Old gourd gunpowder The Tretiak Collection 1000.00 RMB
China Old scrollpot The Tretiak Collection $3500.00
Chinese Calligraphy by Liu Yiling ESL Collection $300.00
Chinese Antique Rug with 9 Celestial Figures Zentner Collection $900.00