china Old table screen dragon The Tretiak Collection $5000.00
Beautiful Early 20th C. Chinese Silver Enamel Fish Asian Art Online $155.00
China Old zitan medicine balls The Tretiak Collection $899.00
Highly Unusual Male Statue, Lobi Peoples AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €375.00
Japanese antique hemp jyuban kimono textile Japanese Antique & Textile saiyuu2 $230.00
Statue of a Household Protecting Deity, Nepal AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €200.00
Chinese Antique Small Rug with Peacocks Zentner Collection $850.00
A Hazara prayer cloth from Bamiyan - mid 20th century Galerie Ariana $200.00
a fine wapo creek gope , galerie Cecile Kerner €2,900.00
Cambodian Temple Painting of Guardian Zentner Collection $1,275.00
Cambodian Temple Painting with 5 Buddhas Zentner Collection $1,275.00
Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vase/Lamp, Coins and Antiques Gallery $549.00
Wonderful Chinese Enameled Porcelain Jar, Coins and Antiques Gallery $549.00
China Yixing Teapot handle republican 20th The Tretiak Collection $6000.00