A Porcelain Chawan with Gold-leaf by Ono Hakuko Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art Sold
Japanese Vintage Textile Silk Kara-ori Maru-obi GALLERY TSUMUGI Sold
Early Sculptural Work by Kato Sho Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
china old toggles The Tretiak Collection Sold
An Oni Shino ko-Tsubo by Tsukigata Nahiko Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art Sold
Case bronze brass figure of a seated Buddha Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts Sold
china The Tretiak Collection Sold
Tattoo Ink Container, Borneo Isl. AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques Sold
A Qing Dynasty Peach Bloom Taibaizun Pot, Mark of Qing Emperor Kangxi ART CHINA LEGACY Sold
A Rare Junyao Sky-Blue Glazed Brush-Washer with a Rosy Splash Motif ART CHINA LEGACY Sold
Japanese Vintage Textile Cotton Woman's Kimono with Shibori GALLERY TSUMUGI Sold
china ild frog toggle The Tretiak Collection Sold