Bacongo Nail Fetish CARLA SUE GATSKE $2,250.00
Moroccan Turkish Enamel Brass Shoeshine Box Valet Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $425.00
luba prestige axe,congo galerie Cecile Kerner On Request
bango shield ,congo,before 1920 galerie Cecile Kerner €750.00
an old suku mask galerie Cecile Kerner €1,800.00
Mende / Sierra Leone Sande Society Wooden Female Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $3,800.00
Wonderful African Woven Basket. Coins and Antiques Gallery $129.00
hanukkah lamp,Marocco galerie Cecile Kerner €300.00
a synagogue "wish box"marocco galerie Cecile Kerner €400.00
a rare igbo doll galerie Cecile Kerner €1,300.00
Highly Unusual Male Statue, Lobi Peoples AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €300.00
Moroccan Brass Applied Silver Lapis Coral Koran Box Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $375.00
Moroccan Blue Brass Perfume Rose Water Bottle Incense Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $95.00
Moroccan Brass Powder Flask Turquoise Amber Coral Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $195.00
an extremely rare baguirmi doll galerie Cecile Kerner P.O.R.