a vili figure ex lucas ratton galerie Cecile Kerner €6,500.00
a miniature lulua figure galerie Cecile Kerner €1,500.00
an old dan mask galerie Cecile Kerner €4,500.00
Mid 20th Century Dogon Mask Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €600.00
Sale price € 300
Dai Woman’s Jacket The Vanishing Heavens $236.00
A Vintage Wedding Tunic (Mwashma) from Morocco The Vanishing Heavens Please Contact for Price
Rare Beaded twin dolls Nimji tribe Cameroon Africa Asian Ethnic Artifacts $650.00
Important Mossi mask, africa Himalaya Primitive Please contact
Very Old Bambara mask, Africa Himalaya Primitive Please contact
a guro mask " Zamble" galerie Cecile Kerner P.O.R.
West African Bronze Couple on Turtle Chairs Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $6,000.00
Monumental Senufo Wooden Sculpture of a Bird Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $4,500.00
An Old Maasai Beaded Food Container, Kenya. Hawkes, Asian Art £65.00
Hand Carved Fertility Dolls, Ashanti Shelton Gallery Antiques and Fine Art $350.00
African Mask Senufo Kpelie Ivory Coast Beautiful Lady Westwillow Antiques $450.00
a nice lobi bateba galerie Cecile Kerner €650.00
African Kalahari Bushmen young girls Asian Ethnic Artifacts $145.00
a mossi biga galerie Cecile Kerner €270.00