Vintage Mexican Painted Metal Sacred Heart Candle Holder Ancient East $75.00
Hopi Malo Katsina Alan Kessler Gallery On Request
Hopi Polychrome Wood Hunter Katsina Alan Kessler Gallery On Request
a kayapo akkakri re galerie Cecile Kerner €1,200.00
Large Carved Totem Finer Things $40.00
Moccasin Miniature Leather & Fabric Finer Things $33.00
Oaxacan Mexican Hand Carved Jaguar Dance Mask Ancient East $520.00
Vintage Talavera Mexican Pottery Dessert Set Ancient East $795.00
Cupsinique or Chavin style Chrysocolla Figural Blood Cup what pdx $2,895.00
Cupsinique or Chavin style Lapis - Sodalite stone figure what pdx $2,895.00
A 19th c Tlingit alder wood Grease Bowl with inlay what pdx $3,650.00
Native american indian pouch Galerie Lemaire €250.00
Ojibwa Beadwork of clothing Galerie Lemaire €300.00
Micmac box Galerie Lemaire €200.00
Native American Indian, Hopi, gourd rattle Galerie Lemaire €250.00
Iroqouis basket Galerie Lemaire €200.00
Haida argillite totem pole by master carver Claude Davidson(1924-1991) Galerie Lemaire €2,000.00
Original vintage Mexican silver Candeleria Virgin Matilde Poulat MatL Tribal Art Antiques £1,250.00