Mola Panama Kuna Indians 3rd quarter 20th Century Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €175.00
Three Vintage Mexican Hidalgo Chantolos Dance Masks Ancient East $875.00
Painted Wood Panel with Mexican Day of the Dead Scenes Ancient East $485.00
Fine Mexican Tlaquepaque / Tonala Pottery Pitcher, c 1920’s Ancient East $195.00
Womderful and Fanciful Alebriji - Medardo Blas - Oaxaca Mexico E & M Perez $325.00
large saltillo serape blanket Asian Ethnic Artifacts $375.00
Vintage Mexican Fariseo or Baltazar Semana Santa Dance Mask Ancient East $1,425.00
Pre columbian style Black Pottery Necklace with figures what pdx $225.00
Vintage Mexican Vaquero Festival Dance Mask Ancient East $1,250.00
Tonala Burnished Vase - Deer in Landscape - Mid Century E & M Perez $165.00
Large Oaxacan Folk Art Alebrije Ram, Signed Ramirez Ancient East $395.00
Peruvian Pre columbian style Moche silver grave bell what pdx $1,245.00
Pre Columbian Salinar style pot what pdx $135.00
Large Hand Painted Mexican Pottery Platter Ancient East $655.00
Oaxacan Folk Art Alebrije Leopard by the Hernandez Family Ancient East $250.00
Mexican Folk Art Mask of Jaguar Ancient East $495.00
Vintage Hand Woven South American Wool Rug Ancient East $295.00
Oaxacan Folk Art Alebrije Lizard by Sergio & Hugo Santiago Ancient East $180.00