Algonquin Lidded Sewing or Yarn Basket 1930s Fiona Kenny Antiques $85.00
Womderful and Fanciful Alebriji - Medardo Blas - Oaxaca Mexico E & M Perez $325.00
a sioux headdress , galerie Cecile Kerner
large saltillo serape blanket Asian Ethnic Artifacts $375.00
Vintage Mexican Fariseo or Baltazar Semana Santa Dance Mask Ancient East $1,425.00
Pre columbian style Black Pottery Necklace with figures what pdx $225.00
Amazonian Dart Kit Arte Xibalba $60.00
Vintage Mexican Vaquero Festival Dance Mask Ancient East $1,250.00
china old birde feeder The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Bronze Egyptian Falcon JJ Oriental $1,250.00
cjoma potteru skong The Tretiak Collection qing wen
china urn song The Tretiak Collection qimg wen
china old 3 fish gang 17 The Tretiak Collection
1930's Native North American Beadwork Leather Child's Set. Galerie Hafner $750.00
shipping included
china old smalll vase The Tretiak Collection womgo wem
Tonala Burnished Vase - Deer in Landscape - Mid Century E & M Perez $165.00
china liao green 8 cups The Tretiak Collection
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