WOODEN TABI PATTERNS t a t a m i $200.00
Japanese raw wood handle Ikebana Basket (hanakago) GALERIE TIAGO €2,500.00
Japanese varnished dark brown bamboo rounded Ikebana Basket (hanakago) GALERIE TIAGO €2,500.00
Japanese Tansu Chest 2 Section Mid Century Kiri (Showa Era) Zentner Collection $850.00
Ohara Shoson (Koson) Woodblock Print - Mallards and Lotus - 1st ed. Era Woodblock Prints $3,700.00
Koei Japanese Woodblock Print - Dove on Plum Tree Branch - 1930 Rare Era Woodblock Prints $275.00
Japanese Bronze Okimono of a Rooster and Hen losses to rooster what pdx $495.00
17-18th c Bengali solid cast Bronze Temple Krishna statue what pdx $4,250.00
Nepal Temple water pot with skulls and inscription what pdx $1,295.00
Antique Tsakli miniature Tangka on Cloth of a Multi arm Deity what pdx $185.00
Antique Nepalese Rice Beer vessel with extensively engraved surface what pdx $2,295.00
Japanese Vintage Textile Cotton Indigo Cloth with Plume Kasuri Haruko Watanabe $280.00
Netsuke DARUMA DOLL by RYOSHU Dmitry Levit Asian Art
Limited edition 24/99 Joichi HOSHI print WINTER DAY (A) 1979 Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1,350.00
Chinese Mahjong complete set, Bamboo & Bone in Hardwood Box Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $275.00