Kobayashi Kiyochika Wooblock Print Triptych - Empress of Japan 1895 Era Woodblock Prints $575.00
Chinese Wood Red Lacquer with Gold Round Storage Box June Hastings $275.00
SHOEMAKER'S KIT t a t a m i $580.00
Trumpeting Purple Gu-Vase by Seifu Yohei IV The Kura $2,500.00
Japanese Ginbari Cloisonne Red Vases with Birds and flowers what pdx $695.00
TEABURI BRAZIER t a t a m i $300.00
HOTEI t a t a m i $280.00
Vintage Japanese Bamboo Ikebana Flower Basket in Boat Form June Hastings $245.00
Kawase Hasui Japanese Woodblock Print - Snow at Nezu Gongen Shrine Era Woodblock Prints $2,150.00
Old Chinese Stone Carving of Boys with Firecracker June Hastings $475.00
SQUARE DAIKOKU t a t a m i $200.00
Chinese Tang Sung Style Bronze Kylin Scholar scroll weight what pdx $1,495.00
Antique Chinese archaic style Bronze seal with Foo dog what pdx $995.00
Chinese Archaistic Exotic wood Double handled libation cups what pdx $1,100.00
Antique Chinese Scholars bronze Recumbent Ram Scroll weight what pdx $165.00