Japanese Meiji Gold stone Cloisonne Ginger jar Humidor what pdx $295.00
Japanese Print "Asakusa" by Yoshitoshi Mori Zentner Collection $600.00
Japanese snowflakes natsume maki-e lacquer GALERIE TIAGO €1,000.00
Antique Japanese Lacquered Pair Wood Chrysanthemum Candlestands Kodo Arts $350.00
Japanese Vintage Textile Baby Carrier Belt Made of Cotton and Washi Haruko Watanabe $150.00
Magar mask with ear ring, Himalaya, Nepal Himalaya Primitive Please contact
Chinese Nuo tribal mask; China Himalaya Primitive Please contacr
Hongshan Brown Jade Deer or Dragon Head sculpture pendant what pdx $795.00
Hongshan Jade Seahorse like Pig Dragon pendant with Curled Tail what pdx $695.00
Hongshan Orange Nephrite Jade Pig Dragon toggle pendant what pdx $795.00
Hongshan Russet Jade Pig Dragon large and heavy what pdx $795.00
Hongshan Nephrite Green Brown Jade Ox Goddess Pendant what pdx $695.00
Hongshan Chicken Bone Jade Pig Dragon zhūlóng what pdx $695.00
Hongshan Chicken Bone Jade Snapping Turtle Toggle Pendant what pdx $795.00
Hongshan Red Nephrite Jade Rabbit Ear Dragon Pendant Toggle what pdx $795.00
Hongshan Red Brown Jade Nephrite Owl Toggle pendant figure what pdx $695.00
Hongshan nephrite Green Gold Jade Owl Figure pendant what pdx $895.00
Swanhalok Green crackle Glazed Jarlet with painted decoration what pdx $125.00