Early Fuzhou/Foochow Set 3 Trays Silver Inlay Marked XanaduFR $350.00
Unusual Early Fuzhou/Foochow Long Box Fitted Interior Marked XanaduFR $180.00
Early Foochow/Fuzhou Shaped Lacquer Tray painted with figures XanaduFR $260.00
Mongolian Buddhist Wood Printing block Abhaya Asian Antiques $120.00
Fuzhou Lacquer Gilt Tea Set Complete with Tray XanaduFR $600.00
Iron Tiger as brush rest Conservatoire Sakura $700.00
Hard wood double trays stand Conservatoire Sakura $700.00
Early Fuzhou/Foochow Black Ground Lacquer Vase Painted Dragons Marked XanaduFR $200.00
Good Fuzhou/Foochow Black Ground Lacquer Boxes Painted Dragons Marked XanaduFR $200.00
Good Fuzhou/Foochow Polychrome Lacquer Figure of Budai Marked XanaduFR $480.00
Chinese porcelain panels Conservatoire Sakura $600.00
Shi Lu(1919-1982) / Free-Handed Blooming Lilies ART CHINA LEGACY $1,200.00
Zisha Teapot with Gall-Shaped Spout/ Handle & Beast-Knot by Wu Yungen ART CHINA LEGACY $295.00
Nice lot of one agate DZI bead and two jade pendants, China & Tibet Senatus Consulto $275.00