A Rare Vintage Jadeite Bracelet w. Apple Green Hues ART CHINA LEGACY $650.00
An Imposing Stone Seal-Ornament with Archaic Motifs, Poem & Drago Knot ART CHINA LEGACY $2,250.00
Chinese Antique Bronze and Enamel Cloisonné Seated Guanyin Zentner Collection $2,400.00
Chinese Brown Ceramic Sitting Duck Zentner Collection $350.00
Chinese Meiping Porcelain Vase with 5 Dragons Zentner Collection $1,100.00
Chinese antique Silver Pagoda shakers match set what pdx $165.00
Old Chinese Silver Filigree Coral Bracelet Black Dog Antiques $425.00
Tang Terracotta Sculpture of a Recumbent Ram what pdx $1,450.00
Antique Chinese pair of Hand painted plates Republic period? what pdx $165.00
Chinese Tang Dynasty Pottery Burial figure what pdx $245.00
Chinese Tang Dynasty terracotta model of an Ox what pdx $1,150.00
Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) / Song Masters Su Shi, Huang Tingjian & Foyin ART CHINA LEGACY $3,500.00
Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) / Life in Picturesque Mt. Qingcheng ART CHINA LEGACY $3,250.00
Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) / Tang Dynasty Beauty Yang Yuhuan with Parrot ART CHINA LEGACY $3,250.00