Perfect Yellow Egg Yolk Natural Amber Lump, 34 gr Dragon's Pearl $700.00
Chinese Cultural Revolution Propaganda Red Lacquer Tray June Hastings $425.00
Chinese Fan Painting of Two Beauties 仕女圖 by Ye Xiangfu, 1940 Dustieoo Antique $849.00
Guanyin Scroll Painting: Free Shipping Abhaya Asian Antiques $250.00
Chinese Scroll Calligraphy by Shen Yinmo, Republic Period Dustieoo Antique $1,200.00
Chinese Scroll of Calligraphy and Flower Painting, Republic Period Dustieoo Antique $1,500.00
Chinese porcelain vase. Painted with "Famille rose" enamel.20th Conservatoire Sakura $800.00
Chinese Pair of Carved Foo Dogs on Wooden Stands Helen M Edwards $450.00
Mid 20th Century Chinese Rosewood Boxwood 2 Tier Display Stand June Hastings $1,800.00
Chinese Teakwood Teak Wood Four-tier Tabletop Display Stand Petrie-Rogers Gallery $350.00
One Wood Scholar Stand. Hu's Collection $200.00
Circa 1950 Chinese Lapis Lazuli Carving of Shou Lao on Boat Sculpture June Hastings $4,800.00