Early Chinese Possibly Han Dragon Fly or Eye Bead in blue and opaque what pdx $295.00
Chinese Red Lacquer Wood Ceremonial Box Orwellianantiques $280.00
Early 20th Century Tibetan Copper Scroll Holder DingShang Art and Antiques $500.00
Qing Dynasty Tibetan Silver Amulet Box (Ga'u) With Scriptures DingShang Art and Antiques $30,000.00
Vintage or Antique Chinese Celadon Bowl Orwellianantiques $150.00
Vintage Antique Chinese Parrot Porcelain figure on tree trunk what pdx $195.00
Chinese Paktong Oval Opium stash box with Floral Birds and Scholar what pdx $245.00
Chinese Opium stash box in Paktong or White Brass what pdx $265.00
Antique Chinese Brown Glazed Han Dynasty type pots what pdx $265.00
12-14thc Chinese or SE Asian Lug Handled Mini Glazed Urn what pdx $225.00
Antique Chinese Silver Repousse humidor stash box what pdx $225.00