Carved white jade fish Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $650.00
china zitan brushpot The Tretiak Collection Pending
Tomb Figures Asia of Old $2,695.00
"Woodcuts of New China" Folio with 40 Lithograph Plates, Peking 1956. Galerie Hafner $580.00
shipping included
china turtle cute The Tretiak Collection
Chinese Silver Repousse Tribal Bracelet Ancient East $325.00
chia hong shan old man The Tretiak Collection
China Toggle Hard wood The Tretiak Collection working on this
Chinese Bamboo Brush Pots (Pair) Asia of Old $1,295.00
A Napping Cat by Pan Tiashou ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
Finely Carved Chinese Hardwood Brush Pot, Coins and Antiques Gallery $680.00
china old blass snuff The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Chinese Celadon Bottle Vase (Pair) Asia of Old Sold