Ancient Chinese Han Dynasty Terracotta Brick low relief what pdx $495.00
Chinese Bamboo & Bone complete Mahjong Set in Hardwood Box Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $200.00
A Zitan Avalokiteshvara Plaque, Republic Period - first half 20th C. Keep Fine Arts $1,800.00
A Hong Mu Abacus (suanpan), first half 20th Century. 算盘 -中華民國 Keep Fine Arts $2,000.00
A pair of Chinese Beijing Rugs (signed) Unroll the Scroll $275.00
A pair of Huanghuali Incense Vases, Republic Period Keep Fine Arts $2,600.00
Jadeite Brushpot with Plum Branch Zentner Collection On Request
Chinese Pair of Jade Bowls in Original Box Helen M Edwards $195.00
Zhang Zhitang Landscape Porcelain Plaque, Republic Period Keep Fine Arts $499.00
Bamboo Carved Brush Pot Early 20C Keep Fine Arts $699.00
White Bronze Chinese Tripod Incense Censer with Fu Lion June Hastings $450.00
Liu Yucen Republic period famille rose porcelain plaque Keep Fine Arts $2,200.00
Liu Yucen Porcelain Plaques (4) Republic Period Keep Fine Arts $8,000.00
Zhang ZhiTang Porcelain Grisalle Plaques (4) Keep Fine Arts $8,000.00