Shan Lacquer Box Abhaya Asian Antiques $300.00
Chinese Porcelain Lacquer Cinnabar Carved Carving Vase with Flower 2ezr Inquire
Cinnabar Carved Box and Snuff Bottle Finer Things $75.00
Bai Lacquer Box Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
1957's Chinese Foochow Foo Chow Fuzhou Fujian Lacquer Vase Dragon Mk 2ezr Inquire
Chinese Fujian Fuzhou Foochow Wood Lacquer Immortal God Toad 2ezr Inquire
Chinese Cinnabar Lacquer Carved Carving Peony Round Scholar Ink Box 2ezr Inquire
china spoons six dragon laquer The Tretiak Collection
Fine Quality Chinese Cinnabar Lacquer Carved Covered Box SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $175.00
Chinese Cinnabar Lacquer Carved Carving Eagle Bird Shaped Box 2ezr Inquire
Early 20C Chinese Fuzhou Lacquer Carved Carving Fairy Lady Figurine 2ezr Inquire
2 Chinese Cinnabar Covered Boxes what pdx $185.00
china aruyi cnnabar lacquer reppublican The Tretiak Collection q
Pair of Chinese Cinnabar Flower Trays Zentner Collection $2500.00
china lacaqer am,o,a; The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Pair Chinese Black Lacquer & Mother of Pearl inlaid Display Stands Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $400.00
china old lacquer The Tretiak Collection 30,000.00 rmb
china old lacquer spooi The Tretiak Collection 6000.00 rnb