A Chinese Archaistic Bronze Tripod Censer on a Carved Wood Base. Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $1,200.00
Chinese Repousse and cut Silver trinket or Cricket box with Flowers what pdx $325.00
Fine Chinese Tall neck bronze cabinet vase what pdx $225.00
Antique Chinese bronze Archaistic Gu Vase what pdx $445.00
Chinese Tibetan Large heavy bronze Temple Foo Dog joss holder what pdx $695.00
Vintage Chinese Tang Dynasty Style Guan Yin figure on stand what pdx $125.00
Vintage Chinese Brass cloisonné and enamel large lidded box what pdx $195.00
Chinese Silver Enamel Box Helen M Edwards $1,600.00
Vintage Chinese Pak tong metal Stash trinket box with Inscription what pdx $225.00
Chinese Brass or Pak tong metal trinket stash or Herb box with Text what pdx $225.00