Case bronze brass figure of a seated Buddha Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $1,000.00
A Rare Gilt Bronze Statue of Mazu of Ming Dynasty Yongle Reign ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
china old bronze cucumber The Tretiak Collection d edng
china old bronze frog The Tretiak Collection rmb12g000
china old clo/isonne tray The Tretiak Collection 35,000.00 rmb
CHINESE BRONZE VASE Trikomsa Art On Request
china old bronze xianglu llaterr wig The Tretiak Collection $20,000.00
Antique Miao ethnic minority silver alloy pipe and container and tools what pdx $385.00
china old cloisonne bird feeders beijing The Tretiak Collection $18,000.00
A Massive Zhou Dynasty Bronze Jue Wine Vessel with Archaic Motifs ART CHINA LEGACY $800.00
A Rare Bronze Mirror with Archaic Motifs ART CHINA LEGACY $500.00
A Rare Tang Dynasty Bronze Pot/Mark of Prince of South Palace ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
A Rare Zhou Dynasty Bronze Zun with Archaic Motifs/Dragon-Handles ART CHINA LEGACY $1,000.00
Pair of Small Chinese Bronze Horses Dynasty Collections $890.00
Canton enamel tea trays, 20th century or Jiaqing Global Ceramics $150.00
china old brush rest The Tretiak Collection 12000.00 rmb
China old bronze zhen chi 3 zlthers paper weight The Tretiak Collection Sold
China old bronze seal and ink box signed xiao cun The Tretiak Collection 15,000.00 rmb