Cultural Revolution Woodblock Prints Abhaya Asian Antiques $130.00
Chinese brush painting of tiger Abhaya Asian Antiques $120.00
Porcelain Plaque Hunter-Phillips Asiatic Art USD $160.00
Chinese Scroll Painting of Beauty with Peony by Wu Fan Zentner Collection $1,200.00
Chinese Woodblock Print Song Xianbang Rice Harvest South China 1960s Petrie-Rogers Gallery $350.00
Chinese Qi Baishi Rongbaozhai Scrolled Woodblock Print Small Fish Petrie-Rogers Gallery $195.00
Antique asian scroll of a standing crane with bamboo what pdx $145.00
4 Chinese scroll paintings 4 NOBLES plum orchid bamboo chrysanthemum Dmitry Levit Asian Art $280.00
David Kwo Da-Wei (1919-2003) Chinese Lithographic Print Black Cat Dragon's Pearl $225.00
Vintage Chinese Panting by Zhang Kuan of Two Ducks Cherry Blossoms Petrie-Rogers Gallery $400.00
Chinese painted fan by Li Xiongcai (黎雄才) Bamboo Grove $1,400.00
Chinese Porcelain Plaque Asia of Old $3,795.00
Chinese Stele Stone Ink Rubbing Scroll Quan Yin with Calligraphy June Hastings $1,800.00
Chinese Acrylic on Crumpled Paper Painting by Zhu Yixiong Ju I-Hsiung Petrie-Rogers Gallery $1,350.00
Chinese Porcelain Flower Plaques Asia of Old $595.00
Chinese Porcelain Screen Panel Asia of Old $795.00