china old hat holder wood republican The Tretiak Collection $1200.00
Huanghuali Storage Chest Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts not more availble
china old wooden pair of trays The Tretiak Collection 6000.00 rmb
china nunnery plaque temple Mid qing The Tretiak Collection 5000.00 rmb
china great huangyang mu ruyi The Tretiak Collection 18000.00 rmb
Chinese Silk Embroidery Mother Pearl Inlay Wood Panel 2ezr Inquire
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Vintage Antique Asian Chinese Carved Coconut Tea Cup Mimi Dee Artwear $242.00
Chinese Wood Carving Boy Riding a Water Buffalo Dynasty Collections $300.00
Rare Fisherman Carving Great Leap Forward ? 1958-1961 Intandane Ltd t/a 69A GBP 250.00
Tall Chinese Carved Wood Guanyin & Landscape Dynasty Collections $4,450.00
Pair of Framed Chinese Carved Wood Panels Dynasty Collections $2,000.00
china old eye glass case boxwood 100 years The Tretiak Collection 7000.00 rmb
Chinese Wood Panel with Calligraphy Dynasty Collections $4,500.00
Antique Wood Panel in Painted Scholar Box with Tray St. Johns Art and Antiques
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China qing Manchu belt hook The Tretiak Collection $495.00