Chinese Rock Crystal Carved Censer Incense Burner Lizard Wood Stand 2ezr Inquire
Chinese cloisonne box with dragon design t a t a m i $950.00
China jichimu Teapot Box The Tretiak Collection
china Agate ring Republican The Tretiak Collection
Three Chinese Silver & Enamel Pendants or Charms, c. 1960. Galerie Hafner $360.00
shipping included
Chinese Scroll Painting of Chickens and Gourds The Zentner Collection $1,200.00
Chinese Vermeil Silver Filigree Jewelry Set w. Carved Cinnabar Lacquer Galerie Hafner $800.00
shipping included
china porcelain jingdezhen vase The Tretiak Collection
china jade item The Tretiak Collection
A Chinese Dehua Ta Moh figurine Asian Works of Art Gallery Please ask
China agate ear rings The Tretiak Collection
China wooden stand The Tretiak Collection
China rosewood stand 1920s The Tretiak Collection
Chinese Turquoise Glazed Vase Asia of Old $995.00
Chinese Gourd Teapot Asia of Old $1,695.00
Chinese Puddingstone Brush Holder (Bitong) Asia of Old $595.00
Chinese Flower Ball Dishes (Pair) Asia of Old $295.00
Chinese Double Gourd Vase Asia of Old $995.00