A Rare Dingyao White Glazed Lotus-Shaped Stem-Cup ART CHINA LEGACY $650.00
Portrait of Qu Yuan / Liang Kai of Southern Song Dynasty ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
Plane-Trees after a Nightly Rain / Wen Zhengming (1470-1559) ART CHINA LEGACY $2,600.00
A Rare Ming Dynasty Imperial Basin with Blue-White Motifs ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
A Rare Song Dynasty Junyao Bowl & Floral-Rimmed Stand ART CHINA LEGACY $500.00
Ruyao Multi-Gourd Vase with Belt-Handles ART CHINA LEGACY $1,500.00
Shouhuang Seal-Ornament Engraved by Weng Danian(?-1890) ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
Fishing Resort of Eastern Han Scholar Yan Guang/Zhang Daqian(1899-1983 ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
Flowers / Lang Shining, Giuseppe Castiglione, S.J. (1688-1766) ART CHINA LEGACY $2,000.00
china bronze brushwaher The Tretiak Collection
china jade figure 巧雕 The Tretiak Collection
Early 20C Chinese Silver Buddha Pagoda Tower Bells Stand Mk 2ezr Inquire
Chinese Inside Painted Snuff Bottle, with Fine Calligraphy Helen M Edwards $580.00
Chinese green Pottery Cricket Bowl, Cricket play ground Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $125.00
china stone carving taihu The Tretiak Collection
china pair of seal w9tgh The Tretiak Collection
china old brushpot The Tretiak Collection
china glass ring The Tretiak Collection