A silk-embroidered cushion cover from Hazara district Galerie Ariana $150.00
A silk embroidered cushion cover from Swat Valley Galerie Ariana $150.00
A woman's shawl from Swat Valley, Pakistan Galerie Ariana $350.00
A child's waistcoat from Indus Kohistan Galerie Ariana $350.00
Indian Brass Serving Set; Knife & Fork, Coins and Antiques Gallery $185.00
MUGHAL Miniature Painting on Manuscript Leaf SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems $350.00
Antique Indian Metal Tribal Statue Zentner Collection $300.00
17-18thc Indian Hindu marble Ganesha sculpture what pdx $1,695.00
Antique Hindu Rama marble figure what pdx $1,295.00
Tibetan Tsampa Bowl Bhadrakalpa € 250.00
Traditional Tibetan Pipe Bhadrakalpa € 350.00
Wooden Churning Rod, Ghurra n°107, Himalaya, Nepal Himalaya Primitive Please contact
Important primitive mask, Nepal, Himalaya Himalaya Primitive Please contact
Antique Indian Miniature Bronze Statue of Balakrishna. Galerie Hafner $520.00
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