A Tetsu-yu Henko Vase by Master Potter Kawai Kanjiro Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art $12,500.00
Large Toko Shinoda print "Reminiscence" Zentner Collection On Request
Large Japanese Print by Joichi Hoshi Zentner Collection $9,500.00
Rare Antique Japanese Barber Chair Zentner Collection $8,500.00
Large Nakayama Tadashi Woodblock Print of Horse, Titled, "Cyclone" Zentner Collection $8,500.00
Japanese Scroll Painting of a Beautiful Woman Ghost Zentner Collection $8,300.00
Japanese Deco Period Lacquer Box with Hibiscus Flower Zentner Collection $7,000.00
Pair of Bronze Temple Lanterns Bronze Early Showa Era Zentner Collection $6,000.00
Kawase Hasui Japanese Woodblock Print - Snow at Shiba Park - First Ed. Era Woodblock Prints $5,400.00
"Diary March 5th '79" Framed Print by Tetsuya Noda Zentner Collection $6,000.00
"Diary June 3rd '78" Framed Print by Tesuya Noda Zentner Collection $6,000.00
Japan Meiji Gilt Bronze Rooster Okimono on Stand what pdx $5,895.00
Japanese Mid 20th Century Bronze Vase by Neya Churoku Oriental Treasure Box $5,500.00
Japanese Framed Yoshitoshi Mori Print - Whispers of Love Zentner Collection $5,500.00
Large Japanese Woodblock Print by Mayumi Oda Zentner Collection $5,000.00
Large Japanese Print by Joichi Hoshi Zentner Collection $5,000.00
Mouhitsu Hosoji Kutani ware Censer By Tamura Kinsei Zentner Collection $5,000.00
Munakata Shiko Woodblock Print- Seated Figure - 1959 USA Tour - RARE Era Woodblock Prints $4,410.00
Charles W. Bartlett Watercolor Painting - Kobe 1915 Era Woodblock Prints $4,365.00
Japanese Art Deco Bronze Vase Zentner Collection $4,500.00
Kawai Kanjiro Nisai 2 Color Abstract Chawan Tea Bowl Modern Japanese Ceramics $4,500.00
Bertha Lum Japanese Woodblock Print - Children Flying Kites 1912 Era Woodblock Prints $4,050.00
Japanese Silk Embroidery Seascape L'Enfant Gallery $4,500.00
Paul Jacoulet Japanese Woodblock Print - Spray of Anthurium Flowers Era Woodblock Prints $3,960.00
Japanese Urushi-e Painting by Hakuo Iriyama Zentner Collection $4,000.00
Japanese Dry Lacquer Lotus Leaf Bowl with Frog Zentner Collection $4,000.00
Chinese Carved Quan Yin Zentner Collection $4,000.00
Japanese L. 20th Century (1995) Porcelain Charger by Ono Hakuko Oriental Treasure Box $3,950.00
Modern Openwork Flower Basket, Hanakago, by Tanabe Chikuunsai II Dragon's Pearl $3,800.00
LNT Takano Shozan Black Lacquered Cabinet with Maki-e Vines The Kura $3,750.00