Toshi Yoshida Abstract Woodblock - Mirage Floating World Gallery $250.00
Antique Japanese Showa P. Celadon Carp Vase C.1950 Kodo Arts $610.00
Japanese Historical Painting by Kai Seihyo Zentner Collection $1,750.00
Japanese Vintage Meisen Kimono White, Red, Black Haruko Watanabe $90.00
Japanese Bronze Vase with butterflies by Harunobu Zentner Collection $1,425.00
Rare Image by Japanese Print Artist, Gen Yamaguchi Japanese Art Site $1,000.00
Rare Image by Japanese Print Artist, Saito Kiyoshi Japanese Art Site $1,800.00
Two, Signed Japanese Glazed Pottery Yunomi (Tea Cups) Spoils of Time $300.00
Small Satsuma dish, figures in Mt Fuji lake landscape Spoils of Time $68.00
Modern Japanese Iron Glaze Decorated Pottery Tsubo Vase Spoils of Time $325.00
Japanese Porcelain Fruit Bowl with Landscape Zentner Collection $350.00
Modern Japanese Seal Marked Tenmoku Glazed Pottery Koro Spoils of Time $235.00
Kaoru Kawano Woodblock Print - Girl with Flowers. Galerie Hafner $250.00
/ shipping included
Japanese Nihonga Painting by Suda Kyochu, c. 1950. Galerie Hafner $750.00
/ shipping included