Antique Japanese Sword Stand Katana Kake Kiku Imports Sold
Vintage Japanese Urushi Lacquer Stacking Box Jubako Kiku Imports Sold
Stacking Imperial Gift Kogo Incense Case by Uesugi Manju The Kura Sold
Japanese Lacquer Bamboo Mushi Kago Insect Cage Kiku Imports Sold
Japanese Vintage Urushi Small Plates with Banana Leaves and Snail GALLERY TSUMUGI Sold
Japanese Lacquered Bronze Vase with Raden by Shimano Sanshu Goto antiques Sold
Japanese Wooden Lacquer Suiban by Kunsai Goto antiques Sold
Japanese lacquer writing box Momotaro Makie design made by Bunshin Yumekoubou Sold
Vintage Japanese Lacquered Box Fumi Bako Rooster Kiku Imports Sold
Japanese Layered lacquer incense container made by Okabe Keisho Yumekoubou Sold
Japanese Makie Tebako Letter box made by Sekiguchi Shuhou Yumekoubou Sold
Japanese Makie Oni Kogo Goto antiques Sold
Striking 20th c. Japanese Lacquer Tray Set The Kura Sold
Japanese Modern Lacquer Suzuribako Goto antiques Sold
Japanese Vintage Wooden Lacquer Small Drawer with Makie GALLERY TSUMUGI Sold
Japanese Makie Lacquer Covered Soup Bowls June Hastings Sold
Japanese Lacquer Incense Container, Flying Fishes Goto antiques Sold
Lacquer Stacking Jubako With Storage Box Tokugawa Antiques Sold