Japanese Lacquered Wood Tobacco Jar Tokugawa Antiques $45.00
Japanese Wooden Lacquer Trays Goto antiques $200.00
Vintage Japanese Hibachi Brazier Kamakura Bori Carving Kiku Imports $800.00
china old frog toggle wood The Tretiak Collection qing een
10 Japanese Lacquer covered Bowls, gold & red floral design Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $300.00
Lacquered Wood Sake Cup Set With Stand, Wedding Ceremony Tokugawa Antiques $135.00
Japanese layered lacquer incense container made by Okabe Keisho Yumekoubou On Request
Japanese lacquer Tebako made by Miki Hyouetsu 2nd Yumekoubou On Request
Set of 5 Japanese Gold makie lacquered soup bowls t a t a m i $2,500.00
Japanese Vintage Lacquar Small Tray with Gold Makie GALLERY TSUMUGI $280.00
Maki-e Lacquer Kushi Kogai Set signed Kanmyosai-tei Meiji Bijutsu $880.00
Fine Noh Mask The Mandala $400.00
Rare Muromachi-Edo Negoro lacquer tray what pdx $795.00
signed Japanese Paper fan with Painted lacquer mons on ends Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Additional Photos for Shuiro Lacquer Bowls Set SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES additional photos
Japanese Lacquer Kashibachi Urushi Box and Tray Lobster June Hastings $350.00
Unusual Japanese Lacquer Marubon Set of 5 pcs by Hekiun SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES On Request
Additional photos for Japanese Lacquer Trays set SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES On Request