Japanese Bronze Vase with Three Koi, by Shihou Zentner Collection
Rare Japanese Occupied Ash Tray Copper Bronze SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $145.00
Japanese Meiji Mixed metal Box with faux wood grain what pdx $595.00
Japanese "Silver 950" Jewelry Box with Mt. Fuji and Imperial Carriage Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $1,850.00
Hanya Kankei Silver Inlayed Bronze Vase The Kura $895.00
1950's Japanese Bronze Seated Amida Buddha Marked 2ezr Inquire
Japanese Rogin Vase by Katori Masahiko Goto antiques $1,250.00
Japanese Copper by Okabe Tatsuo Goto antiques $220.00
Japanese Wooden Box with Metal-carving by Okabe Tatsuo Goto antiques $380.00
Modern Japanese Bronze Vase by Hasuda Shugoro B The Kura $595.00
Japanese Bronze Incense Burner by Nakajima Yasumi Goto antiques ´╝│old, Thank you!
Japanese Meiji Pair of Cast Iron Geese what pdx $345.00
Japanese Meiji-Taisho Mixed metal Charger signed what pdx $1,695.00
Japanese Meiji Silver Charger with Geishas what pdx $4,895.00
Japanese Meiji Dynasty Mixed metal lidded box what pdx $595.00
Japanese Late Meiji or Taisho mixed metal Plate what pdx $225.00
Japanese Meiji-Taisho Bronze on metal plate fine casting what pdx $265.00
Pair of Taisho Copper Clad metal vases what pdx $125.00