Japanese Bronze Vase by Iahikawa Yoshio Goto antiques $200.00
Japanese Silver Wisteria-shaped Bottle Opener Goto antiques $350.00
Japanese Bronze Vase, Signed Kankei Tokugawa Antiques $450.00
Japanese Bronze Relief of Mt. Fuji by Kibundo Goto antiques $350.00
Japanese Silver Inlaid Bronze Vase Goto antiques $780.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Shishi Lion Dated C.1936 Kodo Arts $980.00
Japanese Buddhist Bronze Altar Vase Tokugawa Antiques $95.00
Japanese Copper Tea Kettle, Repousse Lion Tokugawa Antiques $145.00
Vintage Japanse Bronze Crane for Garden A Pair Kiku Imports $1,200.00
Bronze Elephant Pagoda Incense Burner Tokugawa Antiques $275.00
Japanese Bronze Incense Rabbit on Stand Tokugawa Antiques $600.00
IRON TORII t a t a m i $200.00
Antique Japanese Silver Fox Image The Kura $1,200.00
Japanese Silver Cup by Tamagawa Norio Goto antiques $740.00
Antique Japanese Large Murashido Bronze Brazier/Flower Vase Kodo Arts $880.00
Japanese Silver Box with Peach Decoration, Marks to Base Helen M Edwards $410.00
Japanese Art-deco Bronze Vase Goto antiques $250.00
A beautiful & refined Japanese hammered silver flower vase. Taisho Dragon's Pearl $1,450.00