Hakudo Bronze Geese Okimono with Lacquer Stand, Seiko The Kura $795.00
Mid Century Hand formed Japanese Bronze Vase The Kura $350.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Horse C.1930 Kodo Arts $410.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Temple Dragon Water Spout C.1950 Kodo Arts $3,500.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Carp Flower Vase, Signed Kodo Arts $750.00
Japanese Silver Cup by Tamagawa Norio Goto antiques $900.00
Silver Box Signed Mitsuharu Meiji Bijutsu On Request
ALUMINUM TUB - Vintage equipment for Japanese rice shop hotoke antiques $200.00
Metal Noh Mask Molds of Jo and Uba Tokugawa Antiques $75.00
Vintage Japanese Iron Garden Lantern Kiku Imports $1,800.00
Japanese Bronze Pyramid Incense Burner Goto antiques $160.00
Japanese Bronze Incense Burner Goto antiques $120.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Murashido Flower Vase Kodo Arts $650.00
Japanese multi metal plaque PUPPIES & rhino BEETLE by GORO Dmitry Levit Asian Art $425.00
Japanese Bronze Koi Tokugawa Antiques $150.00
Japanese Iron Incense Burner Goto antiques On Request
1950s Copper Vase, Charging Bull, Muneaki Somei The Kura $300.00
Japanese Candle Stand Made From Iron Grappling Hook & Cable Tokugawa Antiques $160.00