Calligraphy by Takeshima Hagoromo (1872-1967 Jim Knopf Yokohama USD $250.00
Painting on wooden board by Takechi Koetsu Jim Knopf Yokohama USD $550.00
Scroll painting, dragon with jewel, Kurata Shoto, Japan, 20th c Welcome To Another Century $700.00
Japanese Shunga Erotic Art Scroll Painting - 12 Scenes Japonisme Arts and Antiques On Request
Antique, Japanese woodblock print c. 1853-1856 Kingston Bay Gallery $195.00
Three tanzaku paintings, Japan, mid 20th century Welcome To Another Century $150.00
Signed Japanese Mt. Fuji Sansui Sumi-e Scroll Painting Galleries $500.00
Signed Japanese Sansui Brush Painting Scroll Galleries $500.00
TENSHOKODAI-JINGU - Japanese hanging scroll of God hotoke antiques Sold
5 Handpainted Fans by Zen Buddhist Priest Seki Bokuo The Kura Sold
Fresh Water Shrimp by Oishi Junkyo, Zen Nun & Artist The Kura Sold
Japanese 4-Panel Byobu Screen with Pheasant The Zentner Collection Sold
Autumn in the Mountains, Silk Scroll by Shirakura Niho The Kura Sold
Important Painting, Nakamura Yoshitane, Canna and Cypress, 1938 The Kura Sold
Tomita Keisen | Orchid Pavilion Jim Knopf Yokohama Sold
Shamo, Taisho-Showa Japanese silk Screen, Seiryu The Kura Sold
Antique Japanese Gold Screen, Shamo, Yamashita Shigeo The Kura Sold
Matsushima, Mid Century Japanese Scroll by Kondo Koichiro, 1950s The Kura Sold