Painted Album by Zen Priest Inaba Shinden The Kura Sold
5 Handpainted Fans by Zen Buddhist Priest Seki Bokuo The Kura Sold
Fresh Water Shrimp by Oishi Junkyo, Zen Nun & Artist The Kura Sold
Happy New Year Rising Sun by Fukuda Kodojin The Kura Sold
Japanese 4-Panel Byobu Screen with Pheasant The Zentner Collection Sold
Autumn in the Mountains, Silk Scroll by Shirakura Niho The Kura Sold
Important Painting, Nakamura Yoshitane, Canna and Cypress, 1938 The Kura Sold
Vintage Japanese Wooden Tsuitate with Stand Kiku Imports Sold
Antique Japanese Gold Screen, Shamo, Yamashita Shigeo The Kura Sold
Matsushima, Mid Century Japanese Scroll by Kondo Koichiro, 1950s The Kura Sold
Important Mid Century Japanese Framed Painting, Miwa Chosei The Kura Sold
Japanese Scroll Painting by Sakakibara Shiko Goto antiques Sold
Japanese Four Panel Screen with Quails The Zentner Collection Sold
Hikone Castle, 1927 Nitten Exhibited Screen by Honjo Toen The Kura Sold
Antique Japanese Samurai Scroll, Kamikaze by Uenaka Chokusai The Kura Sold
Vintage Japanese Screen Tiger Painting Kiku Imports Sold
Rimpa Fan by Kamisaka Sekka The Kura Sold
Zen Calligraphy “Open” by Buddhist Nun Murase Myodo The Kura Sold