Nanten by Ono Tosaburo, 1956 Exhibited Japanese Screen The Kura Sold
Oil Painting, Church in Paris by Ono Sue The Kura Sold
Rising moon Ink Painting by Zen Priest Kimura Hyakuboku The Kura Sold
Japanese Zen Calligraphy by Shimizu Kosho Goto antiques Sold
Towering Pines in the Garden by Yasuda Hanpo The Kura Sold
Moon Viewing by Yasuda Hanpo The Kura Sold
Ishikawa Chikuson Late Summer Scroll The Kura Sold
Antique Japanese Oil Painting, Nude by Yoshii Kosaburo The Kura Sold
Accordion Album of Paintings by Wakasa Butsugai The Kura Sold
Japanese Framed Print by Toko Shinoda The Zentner Collection Sold
Nitten Exhibited Painting Shibahara Kisho The Kura Sold
Fantastic Floral Japanese Screen on Silver Leaf Japanese Art Site Sold
Japanese 4-panel Screen Painting of Flowers The Zentner Collection Sold
Japanese Fan Painting of a Bird The Zentner Collection Sold
Japanese Scroll of a Charming Gama Sennin and his Toad Lotus House Sold
Japanese Screen of Women Samurai By Kitamura Meido The Zentner Collection Sold
Calligraphy Poem of Mountain and River by Yuasa Koufuu Japanese Art Site Sold
A Beautiful Ode to Longevity by Watanabe Gashin Japanese Art Site Sold