Japanese six(6) panel water color painted Screen on paper Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $950.00
Japanese scroll painting MYNAH by TAKAHASHI GENKI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $225.00
Fukuda Kodojin | Hanging scroll Jim Knopf Yokohama USD $2,240.00
Sumi Painting of Bamboo by Sentsuji Butsugai The Zentner Collection $750.00
Scroll painting, ghosts of man and wife, Japan, 20th c. Welcome To Another Century $400.00
Japanese Scroll of Dragon by Sonsen The Zentner Collection $975.00
Scroll, painting of Tadamori catching a thief, Taisho Welcome To Another Century Inquire
Japanese Scroll Portraying Shirabyoshi Dancer The Zentner Collection $375.00
Japanese Six-Panel Signed Mt. Fuji Screen Dynasty Collections $2,900.00
Japanese Scroll in honor of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi The Zentner Collection On Request
Old Japanese Two-Panel Screen with Birds Dynasty Collections $1,250.00
Japanese Painting of a Samurai Warrior Dynasty Collections $325.00
Old Japanese Watercolor of a Couple Dynasty Collections $300.00
Japanese Painted Scroll of Kannon Dynasty Collections $2,500.00
Japanese Painting Sea Landscape by Maeda Tekison Tomoe Art $1,250.00
Antique Japanese Ono Chikkyo Egret Scroll C.1950 Kodo Arts $1400.00
Japanese Historical Painting by Kai Seihyo The Zentner Collection $1,750.00
Japanese scroll painting DEER & MOON by GANEN Dmitry Levit Asian Art $350.00