Additional Photos for Japanese Seiji Vase by Seifu Yohei IV SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES On Request
Japanese Ceramic Rice Bowl 10pieces made by Sifu Yohei 4th Yumekoubou On Request
A Japanese Shonsui Style Blue & White Porcelain Foliate Dish, Roundels Spoils of Time $135.00
Japanese Porcelain Oblong Blue and White Porcelain Mamezara, Landscape Spoils of Time On Hold
Japanese ceramic vase made by Kiyomizu Rokubei 5th Yumekoubou On Request
Porcelain vase with leaves or flowers, Arita, Japan Showa era Welcome To Another Century $200.00
Japanese Ceramic Box by Tokuriki Magosaburo Goto antiques $140.00
Beautiful Japanese Genroku Ko Imari Style Porcelain Tokkuri SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $345.00
Japanese Kutani style bowl what pdx $45.00
Large Japanese Celadon Porcelain Umbrella Stand Dynasty Collections $600.00
Japanese Large Porcelain Kutani Charge with Geishas Dynasty Collections $400.00
Set of 5 Japanese Kutani Akae red pictured tokkuri flasks t a t a m i $350.00
Pretty Japanese Celadon, Seiji Porcelain Plate by Miyanaga Tozan 1st SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES On Request
Vintage Kutani Kyusu and Yuzamashi Meiji Bijutsu $380.00
Korean, Republican Celadon Porcelain Duck Form Water Dropper, 20th C. Spoils of Time $235.00
Ko-Kutani Style Large Deep Porcelain Charger, Bird in Peonies Decor Spoils of Time $475.00
Beautiful Japanese Celadon Vase by Seifu Yohei IV SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES On Request
Additional photos for Seifu Yohei IV Seiji Vase SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES On Request