Maedate, helmet ornament, moon, Japan, 19th/20th cent. Welcome To Another Century P.O.R.
Paul Jacoulet print, "Le Miroir de Laque Rouge, Tokyo" The Zentner Collection $1,375.00
Japanese Cloisonne Charger with Cranes, Pine, Peony June Hastings $325.00
Paul Jacoulet print, Le Chant des Fileuses, Mongolie The Zentner Collection $1,500.00
Japanese Peach Colored Silk Kimono with Flowers The Zentner Collection $175.00
Shigaraki stoneware storage jar, cat & mice, Japan 20 c Welcome To Another Century P.O.R.
Japanese Okimono of Three Wise Monkeys Helen M Edwards $490.00
Japanese Studio Pottery Bowl with a Basket Handle EurAsia Fine Art Gallery $500.00
Vintage Japanese Ikebana Bamboo Flower Basket EurAsia Fine Art Gallery $400.00
Kutani Mille Fleur Vase by N. Kingyoku with Tomobako The Zentner Collection $750.00
Japanese Vintage Mingei Craft Wooden Tosa Dog GALLERY TSUMUGI $40.00
Sumi Painting of Bamboo by Sentsuji Butsugai The Zentner Collection $750.00
Kutani Ware Hexagonal Gourd Shaped Vase The Zentner Collection $450.00
Japanese Nobori Boy's Day Banner Tokugawa Antiques $395.00
Reduced to $ 285.00
Yozan - Nakazato Suetaro Japanese Hirado Vase Envision Emotion On Request
Japanese Haori Coat in Black and Red The Zentner Collection $150.00
Antique Japanese Lacquered Zushi Altar C. 1935 Kodo Arts $395.00
Makuzu Kozan II (Hanzan) Lotus Koro w Silver Lid & Box Envision Emotion On Request