Korean Double Dragon Inlaid Lacquer Head Chest, storage chest Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $1,250.00
Korean 3 Dynasty or Silla Grey Pottery Spouted Tea pot what pdx $1,195.00
china 3 liong togggle old The Tretiak Collection $10.00
Korean Water Dropper Abhaya Asian Antiques $75.00
china big buddha late Ming The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Korean Framed Woodblock Print of Colorful Masks The Zentner Collection $150.00
china fog toggler The Tretiak Collection
china old soapstone The Tretiak Collection
Korean Takja, Etagere, Brass mounted 3 shelves Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $700.00
china jadje manm The Tretiak Collection
china old bronze coins The Tretiak Collection qomgwem
china old jade The Tretiak Collection qomgwem
china old The Tretiak Collection $1250.00
Beautiful Landscape Screen Painting by Songjae Oh Neung Ju (1928-) Korean Art and Antiques $900.00
Korean blue & white four-sided flask with cinnabar by Ahn Dong-Oh t a t a m i $1,800.00
Inlaid Mother of Pearl Black Lacquer Korean Document Treasure Box June Hastings $550.00
Blue and white round jar, ceramic, Korea 19th/20th century Welcome To Another Century Inquire
Chang Woo Sung aka Weoljeon (1912-2005) Poem and Painting of Roses Korean Art and Antiques $800.00