A Beautiful Set of Asian Tea Cup & Stand.
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Chinese or Sawankhalok Blue and White lidded box fine condition what pdx $145.00
Large Sawankhalok covered pottery box dating to 15th-16th cent AD. what pdx $295.00
Swanhalok Green crackle Glazed Jarlet with painted decoration what pdx $125.00
Ming or SE Asian Blue and White glazed Jarlet what pdx $125.00
Sawankhalok Shukokai hard paste pottery Jarlet in cream Glaze what pdx $125.00
Thailand Sawankhalok Celadon Brown Glaze Pottery Jarlet 13-14thc what pdx $110.00
Early Thai or Cambodian 14-16th c Ox Face Celadon glazed Lime pot what pdx $595.00
Small Khmer or SE Asian Water pot in the form of a Puffer Fish what pdx $695.00
Small Khmer SE Asian Water pot in the form of a Elephant what pdx $695.00
Cambodian Khmer Glazed pottery Urn with flared neck what pdx $1,200.00
Rare Cambodian Khmer Thick glazed Lug Handle pot what pdx $1,250.00
Thai Benjarong Enamels Dishes Zentner Collection $750.00
Antique Vietnamese Blue Ceramic Pair of Mini Bottles Zentner Collection $975.00
Thai Sawanhalok celadon glazed spouted jarlett with incised flower what pdx $595.00