Old Malay Minangkabau Brass Bottle Vase, Sumatra-Indonesia. Galerie Hafner $430.00
shipping included
Antique Gilt Bronze Rattanakosin Seated Buddha Early 20TH Century N.G.M. Groen in 't Wout €500.00
Antique Burmese Bronze Hintha Opium Weight L'Asie Exotique $150.00
Antique Pair of Persian Mixed Metal Vases Zentner Collection $750.00
Early south east Asian Copper - Bronze Buddha what pdx $345.00
Hindu Bronze figure Chola - Javanese style seated figure what pdx $595.00
Chased Silver Metal Betel Nut box what pdx $125.00
Indonesian Javanese Kris Dagger Sword what pdx $695.00
Vintage Thailand Brass & Wood Siam Flatware Set, Original Box Ancient East $120.00
Set of 3 Old Silvered Metal Offering Vessels, Maranao - Philippines. Galerie Hafner $680.00
shipping included
Burmese Repousse Silver Bowl. Coins and Antiques Gallery $1,450.00
Philippines Iron water bottle with Hook v5 what pdx $145.00
Old Cambodian Figural Silver Betel Box in Turtle Shape. Galerie Hafner $480.00
shipping included
Lot of 4 Small Cambodian Silver Betel Boxes in Animal Shape. Galerie Hafner $550.00
shipping included
Exquisite Thai Silver Bowl Coins and Antiques Gallery $1,750.00
Southeast Asian Brass Bowl With Copper And Silver Zentner Collection $150.00
Yogya Silver Tea Set MOELJODIHARDJO c1935 Signed Sencha Asian Antiques On Request
Cambodian Silver Angkor Thom design Box Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $300.00