Large Balinese figure Extra Photos for Item 990732, Published Burmese Buddha
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Large Balinese figure Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art Ltd $1,200.00
Khmer Carved Spoon Handle Abhaya Asian Antiques $90.00
Thai Buddhist Ayutthaya 13-16thc Copper bronze Buddha head what pdx $145.00
Old Balinese Woodcarving Statue of Lord Ganesha, c. 1940. Galerie Hafner $430.00
shipping included
Antique Indonesian Bronze Javanese Standing 4-Arm Shiva Statue what pdx $895.00
Large 18-19th c Thai Rattanakosin Gilt Seated Buddha what pdx $3,450.00
Antique Himalayan Gilt Bronze Kubera Diety Zentner Collection $1,300.00
Indonesian Majapahit Tuff stone carved Sculpture Head what pdx $1,695.00
Hindu Bronze figure Chola - Javanese style seated figure N/E what pdx $595.00
Lopburi Bronze Radiant Lokesvara, or Avalokiteshvara what pdx $1,195.00
Javanese- Majapahit Bronze Buddhist Figure what pdx $395.00
Vietnamese Bronze Bust of Southeast Asian Girl with Crown, c. 1950. Galerie Hafner $680.00
shipping included
Large Burmese Myanma Antique Wood Dancing Nat Statue June Hastings $1,450.00
Antique Nepalese Bronze Foo Dog Temple Dragon what pdx $245.00
Thailand Mon Period Lacquered and gilded Stucco Buddhist Head v3 what pdx $895.00
Lifesize Ayutthaya Stucco and Gold Leaf Buddha Temple head v3 what pdx $3,800.00
Khmer style Bronze Buddha on a Naga what pdx $795.00