Karen Lacquer Container Abhaya Asian Antiques $80.00
Yao Embroidered Silver Cloth Abhaya Asian Antiques $130.00
Karen Lacquered Container Abhaya Asian Antiques $90.00
Carved Wooden Priest Bali ca. 1920's - 1930's. Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €950.00
Tai Dam Blanket Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Karen Betel Box Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
19thCentury Mindanao Kris Acquest-Art $1,600.00
19th Century Mindanao Kris Acquest-Art $1,400.00
Timor sacred wooden mask t a t a m i $300.00
Superb Thai Kalaga With Elephant and Rider Dynasty Collections $200.00
Vintage Rajasthani Patchwork Tapestry L'Asie Exotique $1,200.00
Framed Red Silk Batik of a Exotic Seated South-East Asian Female Dynasty Collections $450.00
Ifugao Spoon The Beantree Collection $48.00
Ifugao Hu'up Basket The Beantree Collection $185.00
Extremely Fine Majapahit Carved Tuff stone Court Ladys Head what pdx $1,295.00
Tai Dam Blanket Abhaya Asian Antiques $120.00
Thai Terracotta Buddha Amulet in Golden Case JJ Oriental $375.00
Majapahit Tuff Stone Carved Head of A Court Lady what pdx $1,295.00