Chinese Teadust Glazed Censer Asia of Old $895.00
Chinese Porcelain Flower Plaques Asia of Old $595.00
Chinese Porcelain Screen Panel Asia of Old $795.00
Chinese Fish Porcelain Plaque Asia of Old $595.00
Japanese Showa Musen Shippo Wireless Cloisonne Enamel Vase Moriage Petrie-Rogers Gallery $175.00
West Timor | ceremonial tubeskirt (tais mabuna) Spottiswoode Gallery $860.00
Hasegawa Isamu, Nitten Exhibited Black Vase, 1955 Modern Japanese Ceramics $2,600.00
china old lion toggle The Tretiak Collection
Pair Japanese Blue & White Porcelain Soba Noodle Cups Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $70.00
Japanese Blue & White Porcelain Soba Noodle Cup, flying Phoenix Bird Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $45.00
China old jade Dog The Tretiak Collection
Sumba | Ikat Men’s Mantle with red dye (Hinggi Kombu) Spottiswoode Gallery $360.00
West Timor | Men's cloth (beti) with ikat roosters | Indonesia Spottiswoode Gallery $550.00
Sumatra | early 20th C Batak ceremonial textile Ulos Mangiring Spottiswoode Gallery $240.00
Influential Artist Fujihira Shin Mid-Century Ceramic Vase Modern Japanese Ceramics $1,650.00
Sumba | indigo ikat men’s headcloth | Indonesia Spottiswoode Gallery $75.00
Borneo | early 20th c ikat Iban skirt (kain kebat /bidang) Spottiswoode Gallery $370.00
Japanese "Silver 950" Jewelry Box with Mt. Fuji and Imperial Carriage Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $1,850.00