A Rare Bronze Mirror with Archaic Motifs ART CHINA LEGACY $500.00
A Rare Tang Dynasty Bronze Pot/Mark of Prince of South Palace ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
A Rare Zhou Dynasty Bronze Zun with Archaic Motifs/Dragon-Handles ART CHINA LEGACY $1,000.00
Japanese Bronze Stag and Deer Statue Tokugawa Antiques $295.00
Okuyama Gihachiro Woodblock Print - Seashore Era Woodblock Prints $90.00
Beautiful 19th Century Chinese Jumu Shandong Cabinet The Zentner Collection $1,650.00
Japanese Vintage Textile Sakiori Sodenashi from Wakasa, Fukui GALLERY TSUMUGI $370.00
Old Phurba N°63, Himalaya, Népal Himalaya Primitive Please contact
Vintage Kutani Kyusu and Yuzamashi Meiji Bijutsu $380.00
Pietra Dura white marble floral inlaid table top what pdx $895.00
Fine Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vase Golden Age Antiques $495.00
china old kang gui wood and marble The Tretiak Collection $250,000.00
A charming, sculpted head of a small girl. By Heima Gaku (b. 1931) Dragon's Pearl $550.00
china old toggles The Tretiak Collection 20,000.00 rmb
17th-18th c Indian Hindu rosewood Temple doll what pdx $265.00
India 19th Rosewood temple doll sculpture of Lakshmi what pdx $895.00
Qing Dynasty Buddhist Wood figure seated on Throne what pdx $1,795.00
Rare Muromachi-Edo Negoro lacquer tray what pdx $795.00