Timorese Sarong Abhaya Asian Antiques $180.00
Antique Chinese Peking Glass Wine Cup Zentner Collection $650.00
Antique Emerald Green Chinese Peking Glass Brush Bowl Zentner Collection $950.00
Antique Chinese Peking Glass Pink Wine Cup Zentner Collection $750.00
Song Style YAOZHOU CELADON MOLDED CONICAL BOWL carved wooden stand Unroll the Scroll $225.00
NATURAL SCULPTURE t a t a m i $300.00
Chinese Nephrite Greenish-White Jade Pendant figures East-West Pavilion Antiques $1,400.00
Netsuke magic horse in gourd by YUKIMASA Dmitry Levit Asian Art $550.00
Antique Chinese Turquoise Peking Glass Wine Cup Zentner Collection $650.00
Japanese Brocaded Silk Obi, Sash for Kimono Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $125.00
Antique Indonesian Mask Zentner Collection $950.00
Rare Silla Korean Pottery Urn with perforated lid what pdx $895.00
Japanese Obi, Metallic Silver and Turquoise color Silk Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $50.00
Japanese Gray Silk Brocaded Obi Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $50.00
Tiger Snuff Bottle Abhaya Asian Antiques $400.00
Japanese Vintage Textile Kimono with Geometric Pattern Cynthetic GALLERY TSUMUGI $80.00
Japanese Ivory Netsuke of Two Peasants, Signed Helen M Edwards $350.00
Chinese Spinach Jade Bowl Helen M Edwards $180.00