Art Deco Chinese Cloisonne Vase Black Dog Antiques $110.00
china old root carving The Tretiak Collection 18000.00 rmb
Ko-Kutani Style Large Deep Porcelain Charger, Bird in Peonies Decor Spoils of Time $475.00
china old dark jade buckle The Tretiak Collection 15,000.00 rmb
Chinese Ceramic Figure with Mark of Fujian Club Zentner Collection $350.00
china Jade brushrest The Tretiak Collection 30,000.00 rmb
Fine Large Chinese Shoushan Seal Stone. Coins and Antiques Gallery $785.00
Chinese Carved Jade Double Persimmon Dish Black Dog Antiques $85.00
china 20th c horn pendant The Tretiak Collection 28,000.00 rmb
china square stand jichimu The Tretiak Collection 6000.00 rmb
Japanese Woodblock Print by Yoshitoshi Mori Zentner Collection $1,500.00
Japanese Set of 3 Woodblock Prints by Hiroshige Zentner Collection $350.00
china Mid Qing libationn cup silver lining The Tretiak Collection 18000.00 rmb
Chinese Carved White Jade Pendant. Coins and Antiques Gallery $475.00
Japanese Woodblock Print - Eagle on Cliff - Attributed to Shoda Koho Era Woodblock Prints $160.00
Fine Chinese Carved Lapis Alligator on Stand. Coins and Antiques Gallery $875.00
Ming Dynasty Guardian King figure what pdx $795.00